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There are so many tough, skinny MMA fighters who have been quite successful. But in this article, we’ll look at the top skinny fighters from the UFC since the UFC is the best and biggest MMA organization. So make sure to read the rest of the article because I will show you all the top 15 skinny UFC fighters from the past and present who are seriously tough and you will learn about their accomplishments.

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Yes, physical attributes give you advantage in the striking aspect. But shorter fighters can make up for the lack of height with the set of other skills. They can use wrestling or BJJ techniques to take the opponent down and fight on the ground. This is just one way how shorter fighters win fights despite their limited physical attributes.

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UFC fighters get tested for various banned substances both in and off competition. Since 2015, the UFC has been cooperating with the biggest anti-doping agency called USADA. This agency handles the testing, analyzes the results and punishes the fighters if they violate the rules.

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