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Over history, humans have created hundreds of martial arts out of which many are effective as well as ineffective ones. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fighting styles that teach bad techniques that won’t help you much in a real fight or any scenario in which you have to defend yourself. In fact, some well-known fighting styles you think are effective, actually won’t teach you how to fight.

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A rabbit punch is a blow that lands on the back of the head or top of the neck. It is illegal because back of the head is a place where our key motoric and brain functions are located. A single rabbit punch can cause serious spinal cord and brain injury that could be fatal in some cases.

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UFC is the best MMA promotion that is larger and more famous than Bellator. It is also much older, its roster consists of more skilled fighters, and it is a stronger brand. At some point, most elite fighters end up signing with the UFC, as winning their title means you are the best in the world. In the eyes of most fans, Bellator is often seen as the second league compared to the UFC.

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