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Luta Livre is a Brazilian grappling art based on catch wrestling and kosen judo techniques. Unlike other traditional martial arts, it does not utilize a gi and incorporates striking in the “combat” version. While similar to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Luta Livre emphasizes self-defense over sports competition.

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ADCC submission fighting world championship is a submission grappling competition promoted by the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC), where the absolute elite grapplers around the world come together to compete for the title. The ADCC events have been organized every two years since 1998.

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Catch wrestling is a style developed by John Graham Chambers in 1859. It is a grappling system involving takedowns, holds, and submissions like arm locks, leglocks, and neck cranks. Catch wrestling is regarded as the progenitor of more popular “Freestyle” and “Collegiate” wrestling.

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