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Taekwondo has a bad reputation because it focuses too much on kicking skills, making it a one-dimensional art, and also because of its emphasis on rules and competition over self-defense. As a result, taekwondo has lost its reputation as a combat art and is now primarily perceived as a sport.

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Golden Gloves boxing started in 1923 in Chicago to promote amateur boxing tournaments. Since then, they have organized boxing events in various regions across the U.S., providing opportunities for amateur boxers to ultimately test their skills against one another to become the national champion.

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Luta Livre is a Brazilian grappling art based on catch wrestling and kosen judo techniques. Unlike other traditional martial arts, it does not utilize a gi and incorporates striking in the “combat” version. While similar to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Luta Livre emphasizes self-defense over sports competition.

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