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The key difference is that Dutch kickboxing allows fighters to kick both above and below the waist, while American kickboxing only allows kicking above the waist, so no low kicks are allowed. As such, the Dutch style allows more ways to attack their opponent than the American style.

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Badr Hari is not the greatest kickboxer of all time, as he certainly wasn’t the most dominant one who never won the K-1 World Grand Prix title. But Hari became the most popular kickboxer due to his exciting fighting style, charismatic persona, wild behavior, and constant media attention.

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But there are a number of lesser-known martial arts that are just as effective as the globally recognized ones or even better, and you might have heard of some of them. Despite receiving high praise from martial arts experts for their effectiveness, these martial arts have not gained much interest from the general public over the years.

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