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Low kicks are considered any leg kicks that strike below the waist of the opponent, primarily aimed at the thigh or calf. The goal is to kick the opponent with the shinbone (in Muay Thai) or foot (in karate) to damage their quadriceps or the sciatic nerve and impair their mobility.

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Okinawan karate refers to the earliest karate forms created in Okinawa. When Japan took over the Okinawa islands, Okinawans developed karate to protect themselves from cruel rulers. Karate eventually spread to Japan, and these Okinawan forms became the basis for various styles of karate.

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Hapkido is a Korean martial art focused on self-defense techniques. It is known for its dynamic and fluid movements that allow practitioners to defend themselves effectively against multiple attackers, regardless of their size or strength. It includes strikes, blocks, throws, and locks.

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