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Golden Gloves boxing started in 1923 in Chicago to promote amateur boxing tournaments. Since then, they have organized boxing events in various regions across the U.S., providing opportunities for amateur boxers to ultimately test their skills against one another to become the national champion.

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Okinawan karate refers to the earliest karate forms created in Okinawa. When Japan took over the Okinawa islands, Okinawans developed karate to protect themselves from cruel rulers. Karate eventually spread to Japan, and these Okinawan forms became the basis for various styles of karate.

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The 10-point must system is a boxing scoring system. The winner gets 10 points, and the loser gets 9, 8, 7, or 6 points in each round, depending on how dominant the winner is. If the match goes the distance, the officials will tally up all three judges’ scores to determine the winner.

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Karate Combat is a private brand that promotes and organizes the first professional full-contact karate league, contrasting traditional karate competition. Karate Combat adopts a unique set of rules and a unique fighting area to make the karate matches more exciting than traditional karate matches.

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