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Many fans and analysts consider Fedor the heavyweight greatest of all time (GOAT), but what sets him apart from other fighters? In this article, we will explore Fedor Emelianenko’s career, achievements, and impact on the sport to determine whether he truly deserves the title of heavyweight GOAT.

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Low kicks are considered any leg kicks that strike below the waist of the opponent, primarily aimed at the thigh or calf. The goal is to kick the opponent with the shinbone (in Muay Thai) or foot (in karate) to damage their quadriceps or the sciatic nerve and impair their mobility.

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Many have since called for him to never appear again due to his lack of expertise. With that said, Smith has stated that the sport needs him and his support, and some observers feel the same way. What exactly were the controversies and why does MMA need Stephen A. Smith’s support? Keep on reading to learn more.

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