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Japanese Jujutsu is an ancient martial art from which others, such as Judo and BJJ, were derived. It involves immobilization, throwing, striking, defense and sometimes the use of small weapons. Students also study technique theory, Japanese history and terminology, the human body and first aid.

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Over history, humans have created hundreds of martial arts out of which many are effective as well as ineffective ones. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fighting styles that teach bad techniques that won’t help you much in a real fight or any scenario in which you have to defend yourself. In fact, some well-known fighting styles you think are effective, actually won’t teach you how to fight.

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The list we have put together below consists of only the best martial arts specific to women. I have done deep research to find only the best martial arts that give you the best chance in self-defense situations. The list we compiled includes arts that focus on leverage and techniques, which means that you don’t have to be strong or physically big to master them as a woman.

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