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A rabbit punch is a blow that lands on the back of the head or top of the neck. It is illegal because back of the head is a place where our key motoric and brain functions are located. A single rabbit punch can cause serious spinal cord and brain injury that could be fatal in some cases.

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Krav Maga is not classified as a martial art. Instead, it is a self-defense and fighting system that was developed for the Israeli Defense Force as a hand-to-hand combat style that was taught to their soldiers. Krav Maga is a mixture of techniques from boxing, wrestling, karate, aikido, and judo.

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Getting hit by the opponent with a leather MMA or boxing glove against the face can cause crucial lacerations that could lead to forfeiting a match. To prevent this from happening, fighters apply vaseline on their face. The jelly-like substance will decrease the friction between the face and the glove.

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When we think of martial arts, non-weapon based martial arts such as BJJ or Karate comes to our minds first. But what’s often forgotten is that there are just as many weapon-based martial arts as non-weapon based martial arts. Since ancient times, humans have created weapon-based martial arts to prepare combatants to win in wars in battles. For this reason, weapon-based martial arts played a very crucial role in combat.

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According to data, most UFC champs come from either wrestling or BJJ. This suggests grappling is a more effective fighting style than striking and there are good reasons for this. Grappling can nullify striking in most self-defense scenarios because grapplers learn how to utilize grappling techniques to counter striking. On the other side, striking arts aren’t designed to stop grappling techniques. Strikers only learn how to fight against strikers so their skills are very limited when it comes to defending against grappling techniques.

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