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Bruce Lee was a charismatic martial artist that brought new thinking and concepts to traditional martial arts and challenged conformity to one fighting style. He also influenced the American and Asian filmmaking industry, the American public, and the world at large, making him a global icon.

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Bushido is the moral code by which the Samurai lived and conducted their affairs, including their family lives. The warrior code included aspects of honor, integrity, justice, courage, mercy, loyalty, self-control, and manners. Breaking the code would bring dishonor to the family of the Samurai.

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Verbal judo is a tactical communication strategy used to calm confrontational interactions and direct them to a peaceful outcome. The techniques include speaking in a certain way, facial expressions, and body language designed to diffuse potentially volatile situations.

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Bruce Lee’s quote about “being like water” was a philosophy in reference to his approach to martial arts and to life in general. Water adapts and changes to its surroundings and obstacles, but when water comes with force, it is an unstoppable, irresistible force that little can withstand.

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