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Both BJJ and Judo use a Gi, have similar techniques and were created for anyone of any size or fitness level. However, BJJ matches have a time limit and favour ground-fighting over standing due to a different point system. Judo is also more fast-paced and regulated and has a different belt system.

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The Gracie Combatives program, which teaches BJJ beginners basic self defense, takes 108 days. However, through the belt system, graduating from beginner to blue belt takes 2-3 years. However, those with prior grappling experience can achieve this much quicker as there is no minimum time frame.

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The color of the gi in BJJ holds no significance as to the level of progression in the martial art. The traditional color of the gi is white but blue or black are also acceptable to practice the art. The color of the gi is likely to be dictated by the dress code required by your training facility.

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